Looking for long-term relief from hay fever?

Hay fever treatment

Hay fever impacting your daily life?

Hay fever is a common annoying condition affecting up to 18% of the population. Typical symptoms experienced by patients are runny or congested nose, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, headaches and daytime tiredness.

Peak times for people suffering commence around July and peak in October when airborne grass pollens are most prevalent. Windy days can also circulate a large amount of pollen, increasing the symptoms for allergic rhinitis sufferers on those days.

What’s the alternative to daily medication?

The botulinum toxin works by blocking the conduction of nerve signals in the nasal passage which triggers the onset of hay fever symptoms. Administered as a spray into the nostrils, Botulinum toxin treatments are a convenient alternative, as they provide long-term relief and can be used in conjunction with more conventional hay fever treatments.

The onset of results will vary from patient to patient due to severity of symptoms, the dose used and individual patient factors. Generally, we have found that patients begin to notice relief from their allergy symptoms one to two weeks following treatment.


This practitioner-prescribed treatment is not available over the counter. With a single dose having the ability to provide long-lasting symptom relief, it is a convenient treatment for sufferers.

Treatment Process

The process is quick and without any discomfort. The product is sprayed into each nostril using an atomiser designed specifically for the nasal passage. No needles or injections are required.

Post-Treatment Care

There is no downtime, however you should not blow your nose, use any nasal sprays or do any vigorous exercise for 4 hours following the treatment.


The results are not permanent. Some patients only require treatment at the beginning of the season, if you experience symptoms year-round you may require retreatment.

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